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A New Beginning

May 8, 2012

Many a times, I have started a blog and had given up halfway, mainly because there were too much negative stuffs in my writings. This is perhaps writing does actually take off some negative vibes off me and improve my mood after venting all in the blog, hence the majority of the blog usually end up in that direction.

However today, I shall start this resolution to continue this blog even if it is going to be 99% negative since be it negative or positive, the writings here would always be a part of my memories. And if I realise that it is mainly negative, it would be a good wake up call for me to be more positive.

And of course, at times there might be details which might and probably offend people, but in the spirit of keeping this blog true to my feelings, emotions and memories, I might do some censorship on names to protect the identify of those involved. There might be people who might use what I have wrote here against me, such as certain incidents, information or even thoughts, all I have to say is at the risk of getting hurt, I am still going to keep this spirit alive…

And so, let this post be the commencement of this blog~! 😉


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