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Unique Thinking, Unique Solutions?

May 11, 2012

Many times, I have this feeling in me that people are thinking that I am one strange bloke with weird thinking. Yes, I may be different from others where the train of thoughts might often derail to somewhere else instead of the usual route.

And I believe this is what provide me with the determination to get something done at times too. For example, when I broke up with my second girlfriend, I thought of different ways to woo her back including the possibility of using social media to win her back. Most of my friends advised me to forget about her and move on while a handful supported me and one even assisted me in giving ideas and creating a site for this purpose which you can find here. Of course, the “Take Me Back” project didn’t work out in the end as I was concerned about the possibility of the huge publicity which could embarrass and overwhelm her, hence it died a natural death.

Thinking back, there was another time when I remained single for a close to a decade, while waiting for my first girlfriend to change her heart. It was so bad at that time that it seem like I would remain single for the rest of my life that one of my friends have to incite me to take some action for myself by challenging me to find Love.

For the brief duration whereby I tried to win that challenge, I created a Dating Blog with self-created artworks just to find that special one. But when my heart challenges my head, the Dating Blog too died a natural death as I do not want to search for Love just for the sake of winning a challenge.

But today, I do not have someone’s feeling to consider for nor a ethical decision about looking for love just to win a challenge. This is the time when I truly want to do something for myself, to find that special one by taking action and not simply waiting for Fate to knock on my door or Cupid to shoot that arrow at me.

Hence, I have decided to start another Dating Blog. The first step to build up an arsenal of photos which I can intergrate into a website which I would create later on and attract crowds to the site and share. If this works, this is going to be one new craze in the Internet – There are far too many lonely people in this planet.

Today, I have taken the first step, by posting in SnapClub looking for a photographer to take photographs (TFCD (Trade for CD) for me. We shall see where would this project bring me to…. 🙂


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