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My First Singles’ Event

August 5, 2012

It all started with an email which I normally would delete without reading as I took it as some sort of spam mail.

However something in me made open up that email and it was about  Singles’ Event which a dating agency “LoveStruck” had organised. The concept was simple, no registration, no ice-breaking games, just a red straw.

A red straw?! How is that going to help to meet other singles, you ask? It’s very simple actually. As long as you are taking part in the event, just be seen with a red straw. It was interesting that I started gathering the Singles in my group, like Weiji, Sally and Wenjing and later joined by Alan (though not qualified to be single, haha) who wanted to chill out.

After reaching the venue, I seriously would want to kick my own arse for booking an indoor sitting area. The happening place was in the rooftop (It’s a rooftop bar), but I went to reserve a private sitting area. However a private sitting does have its advantages too, more cosy and cooling compared to the humid outdoors.

As usual, I went to start my own game with the rest – to walk around the area alone with a cup in hand and of course with the red straw. Winner turned out to be Wenjing who got approached several times. And as it was Sally’s birthday celebration, I sort of pulled a prank on her. I stacked 3 red straws on top of one another like one long antenna, which would allow an easy pick up line for guys to approach her. It didn’t work too well until I found her an Ice-Breaker, crews who are assigned to break ice for shy participants.

At the end, we did not found ourselves new partners but had a good time nevertheless. Ended the day with supper near Sim Lim Square area.

Now, stay tuned for the next post. There is going to be something juicy coming up for the next post… 😉


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