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Some little changes…

April 14, 2013

During that emotional week where I kept changing my mind about going to Taiwan for a solo trip, I finally did it on spur-of-the-moment. I booked my flight on the 7th April at night and flew at 8am on the 8th April. And because it was such a spontaneous trip, I was basically re-visiting some places that I had visited on my previous visits and chilling out most of the time where time was almost brought to a stop.

Through a birthday celebration at a local pub – Voice, I got to know some new friends there. The pub was small but amazing. People there are extremely friendly and guests are introduced to one another and everyone can chat and drink together. I would personally recommend anyone who is going to Taiwan, to at least go there once to try it out 😉

Like I mentioned in my Facebook – “Came a stranger and left with many friends.”

Address: No. 55, Lane 223, Nanjing East Road, Section 3

Directions: Nanjing East Road MRT station (behind Brass Monkey)

Phone: 2546-8527

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat noon-2pm, 5pm-1am; closed Sun

And the changes that I mentioned? After coming back from Taiwan, I realised that there are some changes within me which I am not sure if it is a short term change or a long one.

I suddenly fell in love with books again, within two days after my return, I bought 3 books to read and slowly forsaking the computer to bury my face in the books. Exercise was another change that I noticed. I started to exercise again after being away from it for a long time.

We shall see if this is going to be a permanent change 🙂


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