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Beautiful Day

If I have to use one word to describe today and that would be Beautiful!

The usual habit is to hit the snooze button and sleep in for another 15 minutes before I would crawl out of the bed and walk like a zombie to the bathroom to wash up. So you can imagine how good I feel today when I woke up and feeling so fresh that I woke up immediately and skipped to the bathroom (of course not literally).

And when I stepped out of the house, I was greeted with this beautiful view at my doorstep.


While at work, there was nothing of importance. Brought some of the crews to Equarius Hotel and Beach Villas as part of their training. While they might not require these information on their end at RWS, but what is important is that I can open up their exposure to as much things as possible. Maybe I will get to create some memories on their end.

While on the way back home, I saw this beautiful tone of the sunset.


When I said it is a beautiful day, what more can a day be more beautiful than to have a sunrise greeting you and a sunset sending you back home? 🙂


A Mundane Day…

I was almost ready to pull out my hair yesterday (but I remain sane not to create a hair issue) when I realised that I have actually left my medical report in office and I have my psychotherapy appointment at 9.30am in Orchard. That would mean reduction of about an hour to sleep in for a rest day.

After rushing to office to get the report and rushing down to the clinic in a cab, I was happy that the clinic did not waste my time by making me wait. Everyone knows most of the hospitals and clinics would make you wait for a long time despite us reaching on time for the appointment. I was taught a few methods to strengthen my inner thighs (outer and inner strength different, causing pain and at times swelling to my knee ).

After the therapy, I have about two hours to spare before I go for my next appointment at Changi Naval Base to submit the medical report and X-Ray films. Published a status about me loitering in town and with two hours to spare, I decided to drop by Wendy’s for my virginal experience of their food. Ordered their Mac’s version of Big Breakfast

Wendy’s Breakfast

It was not bad! Found it better than Mac, perhaps it is something new. 🙂

After finishing the breakfast, I was thinking on where to hang out next when Tricia commented on my post, saying that she was loitering around Novena too, waiting for her Pilates class. Hence I travelled to Novena for a short catch up session with her. It was nice catching up with friends who I have not met for a while.

I was genuinely surprised with the waiting time when I was at the Naval Base submitting the medical review. Usually I would have to wait around 30 minutes to an hour before I would get to see the medical officer. But today, though there are around 10 people waiting at the reception, I was able to finish the entire process within 20 minutes this time round. Talk about increased productivity in the camp 🙂 Since it is a 6 months excuse, I was referred to wait for a decision from the medical board which I have no issues at all.

Boarding into a cab at the Guardhouse, the taxi driver refused to take me when I told him that I want to go Dhoby Ghaut, with him telling me that I could take the train there. I was enraged for that brief moment. If  I would want to take the train, I would not have boarded his cab and he did not have a Busy sign or a On Call sign. The reason for rejecting me? He said “I do not want to go Orchard.” Booked a cab and called to complain about the driver who rejected me. I was attracting a lot of bad customer services in recent weeks that I am thinking to myself if I have a walkover face? I definitely did not show any attitude to these people whom I encountered issues with >.<

After the meet up with Jovine at Dhoby Ghaut, I suddenly have a thought that things that we are obsessed with at times, might mean nothing to us after a while. Is it because of impulse or because of the different situations we encounter in our life that let us make different decisions.

With the catch up done, I proceeded home for a home cooked dinner and rotted at home for the rest of the evening, tinkering with some graphic designs and this blog.

A New Beginning

Many a times, I have started a blog and had given up halfway, mainly because there were too much negative stuffs in my writings. This is perhaps writing does actually take off some negative vibes off me and improve my mood after venting all in the blog, hence the majority of the blog usually end up in that direction.

However today, I shall start this resolution to continue this blog even if it is going to be 99% negative since be it negative or positive, the writings here would always be a part of my memories. And if I realise that it is mainly negative, it would be a good wake up call for me to be more positive.

And of course, at times there might be details which might and probably offend people, but in the spirit of keeping this blog true to my feelings, emotions and memories, I might do some censorship on names to protect the identify of those involved. There might be people who might use what I have wrote here against me, such as certain incidents, information or even thoughts, all I have to say is at the risk of getting hurt, I am still going to keep this spirit alive…

And so, let this post be the commencement of this blog~! 😉